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The Ultimate Anime-Stylized 3D Adventure Game
« on: Thursday, February 11, 2021, 20:16:49 »
AniMyth is an anime style 3D video game set in the future.  The ancient gods and goddesses of old have been awakened by an intergalactic species bent on annihilating the Systems Alliance.  Your mission is to collect anything in the known Multiverse  that can potentially stop this hideous foe.

You will find hundreds of Anime Characters from a growing list of anime titles. Thousands of Magick Spells to find and exploit.  Dozens of Special Abilities to enhance your Characters. And many, many, many, many, MANY Quests to fill your adventuring spirit!

Start off by making a Prefabricated modular character to get a taste of the game.  After you thirst for more, consider creating your ultimate fantasy character using the powerful VRoid Studio software and import that character into the game.  Want to make a change?  Simply edit your base character you saved in VRoid Studio, and re-import.

Ah, but one is never enough!  Create additional characters, and while you're at it, make them fellow Companions to assist you throughout your adventuring.   Customize even further with a built-in Macro Editor,  to create your own special attacks with nearly endless possibilities.

Tired of that Might Sword of Slaying you've got?  Learn the Skills to customize it.  Add magickal properties, divine enhancements, or simply make it glitter -- hey, it's YOURS, why not.

Not in the mood to play Online?  Well, there's good news because AniMyth has four connection modes to play in.  Play by yourself in Stand-alone mode. At the office after hours? Play a friendly LAN game.  Stuck at home, Host your own game.  You can even setup your own Private Dedicated Server where hundreds of your friends can have the ultimate hunting party, or Battle Royale!  And in each game host you connect to, your character will have its own separate profile for game balance.

Some really useful features include an Auto-Save function that will save your Character's progress while you play.  Of course you can also set manual save points as well.  Also included is a handy Pause feature.  On a quest with a party of Internet friends?  Have to use the bathroom?  No problem!  Hit pause and your character becomes incorporeal,  and is unable to be damaged while he/she/they tag along with the rest of the party.

This and so much more awaits for you.  Join the battle!
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