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Game Information
« on: Wednesday, December 30, 2020, 11:42:31 »
Welcome to the grand adventures of Bubble Pop Paradox!

This game will be an experiment. I wish to have a Game Master (me), whom is in charge of the game mechanics, arbitrator of the rules and player conflicts.  I also wish to incorporate a Story Master.  This person, whom will change accordingly, will be in charge of the current setting.

For example, I begin the game in one anime, after the game has launched and basic roles are established,  we (you and I) will change anime worlds and you will run the setting, NPC's and mission within the anime of your choosing.

I have decided that this is a great way to explore other anime series, and more people can participate since not everyone is familiar with my favorite anime.

You play as any character from any anime or manga series.  You may also introduce your own original character in the game.

I haven't quite decided which gaming system I want to use yet, but because I'm fairly fluent at Big Eyes Small Mouth,  I may run 4th Edition.  I am also considering OVA, and Anime Action.  Further discussion of this game are in the Conference Room.

We begin in the anime multiverse of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha,  a Sci-fi,  magical girl setting that takes place in multiple dimensions and times.  We are aboard the Argo, a state-of-the-art battle cruiser as members of the Time and Space Administration Bureau. Our missions are to enforce the Laws of the High Council and to ensure that the many, many, many worlds are not compromised or hijacked by the many criminals and renegades that threaten our peaceful way of life.
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