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Happy 2021!
« on: Friday, January 01, 2021, 18:21:06 »
I hope everyone had an awesome new years party!  So, the next chapter has begun, what are you Resolutions?

I have two goals;
1.  To make one friend.
2.  To save my money.

You may scoff at my simple goals.  Last year,  I  moved away from the bestest friend I ever had.  One day several years ago, he shared a story with me, and to this day, I still cry at it.

"So one day you're walking along, and out of nowhere,  this put swallow you up.  You've walked this path many, many times,  this hole wasn't here before.  So you're angry and cursing because your leg hurts.  You look up and realize you're really deep, maybe 20 feet down.  There's nothing to grab onto, no way to climb up.  The walls of this perfect circle of a pit are like glass.  Hard and cold.  You panic, maybe cry a bit once you realize the circumstances you've walked into.

You start yelling, 'Help!  Help!'  But nobody comes.   You wonder if your loud enough.  Mote panic sets in, and now you're screaming for help.  Towards the late afternoon,  a man walks by.  You get excited,  and yell for help.  He stops, looks down at you with a quizzical look.  You call up to him, saying you need help getting out of this pit.  He nods and smiles at you, and reaches into his jacket, pulls out a business card and tosses it down to you, and walked away after waving to you.  You look at the card.. This guy's a lawyer and you're like, 'What the hell am I supposed to do with this!'

Defeated,  you sit down against that cold wall.  It'll be dark soon, and you're stomach is growing at you.  A bit later another person comes along, and once again, you call out, 'Help,  help!'  She looks down at you and askes 'what's wrong dear?'  You call up saying you fell into this hole and ask her if she could help.  She pulls out a pad of paper and scribbles something on it, tears the page off and drops it in the pit with you.  You get up, look at the note and see it's a prescription!  You crumple the paper up and throw it across the hole.   You're starting to feel scared now, and nobody is helping you.  You scream in anger and bury your head in your palms.

It's now after dark, and you start to fall asleep when you hear,  'Kaitlyn?  Is that you?'  You look up and see it's your friend, Bill.  You speak with desperation, pleading him to help you out of this pit.  He says, no problem.   He jumps down into the pit with you.  'Why did you do that!?  Now, we're both stuck down here!'  Bill looks at you calmly, then smiles and holds your shoulders.   Yup, I know.  I fell down here last week.  Come on, I'll show you the way out."
-- Bill U., 2018

That's my definition of a real friend.  Someone whom I can count on, to help me when I'm in a bad situation. I hope I see Bill again someday. 🥰 😭

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