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Our first Role Playing Game Terabithia Unknown has finally started, and we are seeking players!

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Hi everybody! I'm really glad you decided to stop by and join. Please feel free to introduce yourself in the New Patrons topic. (You'll probably get a cookie or some junk for doing it. ;) )

About the Site:
Anime Tavern is a place where we play role playing games (Play By Post [PbP]) as anime characters. Both in-cannon and original characters are totally cool! And since we play with anime characters, it helps that we also discuss various anime series here as well. In fact, if you don't see your favorite anime series listed, make a few posts, and before long, we'll make it a permanent part of the Site.


1. No Spamming. If you're caught spamming the Site, you'll be banned, and junk. Period.
2. No Hate. There's enough of that in the world. We'd hope to have a positive, safe environment for everybody here. (Otherwise, you'll probably end up scrubbing the Privy with your toothbrush or some other junk.)
3. Please try not to deviate, go on tangents, or railroad any topics. (Perhaps that tangent could be an interesting NEW topic. We like NEW topics. And junk.
4. While role playing, please do not GOD MOD anybody else's characters. To play by post (PbP), you must have patients. I know, I know.... but We wanna keep the game moving! Yeah, we've had this temptation many times as a Game Master. And it sucks, (Unless you have permission from that player, and junk.)
5. Following rule #4, if you know you're going to be unavailable to play, Please make a mention of in the Game Discussion board for that game.
6. We like new members. Please invite your friends. Because, that would be totally awesome. And junk.
7. Don't be shy! We wanna read what you have to say... write?...discuss. Right?
8. Please keep content to the PG audience. Meaning keep the profanity to a minimum. Oh, and totally NO hentai. We like, totally don't like that junk!
9. Be sure to have FUN while you're here. And. Junk. 8)

Other cool things here:
  • We plan to have weekly off-topic game nights. I, in particular love the game Cards Against Humanity, so expect that to occur once we have enough people interested in playing. Other group online games will also be possibilities, once we discover them.
  • We also will have a Discord server or some other real-time (video?) chat functionality to Role Play live, probably once a week. (This game will be its own standing game, and not based on any of the games we already have featured on the Site.
  • Manga Swap. We'll have a special place where you can swap your old manga for new manga, both from other people on the site, and from the Store we'll have set up.
  • Anime Streaming Video service. Watch your favorite anime series on demand from our Library.

And if you've read all the way through this post, then perhaps you've noticed that we've used the group pronoun to describe us (the one person writing this post). And that's because I'm totally crazy, and probably have undiagnosed multiple personality disorder, or some junk!

So, if you haven't already, please Login or Register and let's all have some fun together, (and junk)!

And remember. We love to Role Play anime and discuss Anime shows here!

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