Author Topic: Why Can't I See / Participate in a Board!?  (Read 42 times)

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Why Can't I See / Participate in a Board!?
« on: Thursday, February 11, 2021, 18:18:39 »
This is the way this site is configured.   As a Regular member, you see most of the boards, but, you'll notice that you can't post topics or replies in most of the boards.  In order to post in a board you're interested in see the following list of available membership groups:

AniMyth Developer is a requestable group you may join if you are interested in assisting with the Project AniMyth.   You will be considered if you have any of the following skills, or if have a desire to learn:
[*] 3D Animation
[*] 3D Modeling Design (of Buildings, Characters, Furniture,  etc)
[*] C++
[*] Music Production
[*] Researching Anime Characters, Plots, and Goals
[*] Unreal Engine 4 Experience
[*] Voice Acting
[*] VRoid Studio Experience
[*] Writing Fiction

AniMyth BetaTester will be available for request when the game is Beta Ready.

Otaku is a free to join group giving you posting access to any of the Anime discussion boards.

Role Player is a free to join group giving you access to any of the Role Playing Boards and Discussions.

Please note, that you can change your Primary Group to any of one of these groups, and only boards will be visible.  This allows you to focus in on only the topics of your interest.

You may change your Member Groups by visiting your Profile, and selecting Modify Profile, then go down to the sub menu Group Membership  and select the Member Groups you want.

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